The One Where Katie Starts Her Blog.


So. This is it. I’m sitting here, simultaneously nauseated with anxiety and amped with absolute excitement to share this with you. I don’t often put my writing out there, even though I’ve loved it for as long as I can remember. I don’t often put myself out there, for fear of what people might say. I don’t often let myself be proud of me, because it’s easier to focus on my flaws. I don’t often do something that I share with people, because I live in constant fear of judgment.

And all of that stops here. 

It might seem silly that a makeup blog is the way to overcome all of these things. And that’s okay if you think that. But for me, this blog is a way to express myself creatively and let myself just be me for once. I often feel shame that makeup is my passion, because really, how vain is that? Fake lashes don’t help people, bold lips don’t change the world, glitter eyeliner is not the answer to my problems.

But makeup is my stress relief, it is one of the few ways I can make myself feel calm, and it is something that excites me. I love that I can transform my face, wash it off, and start all over again. I love that by painting my face, I feel like I’m creating something.

I work in a job where I don’t often get to be creative. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job and the people I work with are genuinely wonderful. But to come home and feel the anxiety, the stress, the burden of the day drift away is something I live for. And makeup does that for me.

So if you like makeup, products, glitter, and corgis (because you know I’ll find a way to feature the fur child whenever I can), then feel free to follow and keep up with my little online world. Because I’d love to have you here ♥


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