My Every Day (depending on what time i wake up don’t judge me i really like sleep) Face!

So, for my first actual makeup related post, I thought I would show you my every day, easy-peasy, go to makeup look that never lets me down! Unless it’s one of those special days where your skin is a flaky hot mess, your dark circles would scare the children, and your eyelashes just. Will. Not. Cooperate. And if you don’t have those days, I suggest finding another blog to follow because I cannot relate to you in the slightest and also maybe get a checkup because you might not be human.

Generally, I wake up with juuuust enough time to get ready and even then I’m pushing it 98% of the time. I just really enjoy sleep and maybe it’s just me but does adulthood ever feel like it’s constant exhaustion and money being taken from you? Like, I don’t remember asking for this growing up thing? Where are all these bills coming from? Why is this life thing so expensive? Just me? Awesome. To sum up, I’m an adult now and I need all the sleep I can get.

To start off, my skin type is combination/oily, depending on the time of year and how the hormones are hanging. My skin is crazy sensitive so I have to be pretty careful what I put on my face, whether it’s skincare, makeup, even sunscreen. I am as acne prone as a 15 year old and NOT just any old acne. The under the skin, throbbing, crater-like deep cystic pimples that take about three years to heal and leave a wound on your face for the rest of your life. Grossed out yet? Welcome to my world. So if you struggle with acne, acne scarring, or sensitive skin, I have found products that work for me and might work for you too!


I start off with a quick wash of my face, just to start my makeup with a fresh, clean slate. I generally shower at night so I can speed up my morning routine and save time, so my face is already makeup-free from the night before. Once I’ve cleansed, I apply the teensiest bit of moisturizer to my skin, massaging it all over and concentrating on the parts that lean a bit more combination than oily. I find that if I don’t moisturize at all, my skin kicks into overdrive and produces waaay more oil to compensate, leading to feelings of icky-ness and breakouts. So I use this Pond’s Dry Skin Cream to moisturize, VERY sparingly, because even though I don’t have dry skin, it has never broken me out or left a filmy feeling on my pores. After that sinks in, I use….Nivea Men’s Sensitive Post Shave Balm. I know. I KNOW. It’s so strange I considered not ever telling anyone and pretending I use a normal makeup primer that I got at Sephora on a really glamorous shopping trip. But then what kind of beauty blogger would I be, keeping secrets like these to myself? So, confession: I got this at Wal-Mart and I didn’t buy it for my husband, I bought it for me. Nikkie of NikkieTutorials, one of my all time favorite beauty channels on YouTube, began using this because it contains glycerin, which is an ingredient that helps makeup stick to the skin and last alllll day long. Since I have oily skin and things tend to slide off my face about mid-way through the work day, this appealed to me. It doesn’t break me out, it costs about six dollars, and you guys…it WORKS. Yes, it does have a bit of a man scent but I don’t find it bothersome and it fades by the time I’ve applied my other makeup. So I apply the post shave balm to my face to prime my skin for makeup application, which is a step that I don’t think anyone should skip! I will do a separate post on what primers work best for what skin type, coming soon to computers near you.


After I do that, I apply my Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless, which is my Holy Grail foundation. I know that drugstore foundations tend to have a bad repuation, but this one is a diamond in the rough. It has never broken me out, provides excellent coverage while still looking fresh and not cakey, and leaves my skin looking softly matte but not dead. I wore this foundation on my wedding day and was SO glad I did. I always pictured myself going all out and buying all kinds of crazy high-end makeup for my wedding day, because it’s a legitimate excuse to spend money on quality products (at least in my mind it is…). But in all honesty, I used mostly drugstore products on my wedding day and they lasted the entire day, through hugs and kisses and sweating and dancing because cheaper products sometimes work the best for me. I LOVE a good Sephora splurge but I also love browsing the aisles of Target and buying ten products for $50 instead of one for the same price.


After that, I apply my NYX Dark Circle Concealer, a wonderful little gem for those of us who have undereye darkness. Thanks a heap, genetics. This concealer isn’t meant to be worn on it’s own, but instead works as a color-corrector to prepare for actual concealing. The peachy-pinky tone of this concealer makes the dark blue/purple/brownish tones under the eye look much less…awful.

I then place my Maybelline Fit Me! Concealer on top of the peachy corrector, blending it with my fingers or a damp sponge. This concealer is the absolute bomb, and it costs less than a Wendy’s combo meal. Once I’ve applied that to the necessary areas, I set it with NYC Smooth Skin Loose Face Powder in the shade Translucent, which costs less than a chicken sandwich at McDonald’s (it’s lunchtime, obviously). Setting concealer is such a necessary step because it makes it last all day long, which means less touch ups and looking fresh without even trying that hard!



I then move on to my eyes, which I don’t get too creative with when I’m running late. I use the shades that I know work with my skin tone and eye color, and I can apply it quickly without worrying about being too precise. I start off with a Maybelline Color Tattoo in the shade In The Pink, which probably looks more scary than it really is! I have brownish-hazel eyes that I feel look especially nice when I use mauve, purple, taupe-y shades on and around the eyelid. I don’t ever do my eye makeup without using one of these Color Tattoos, just because it makes your eye look last all day long, makes the colors more vibrant, and makes the surface of your eyelid smoother for blending. Another good option is the E.L.F. Smudge Pots, which are basically the same thing and cost $3 bucks a pop. After I’ve applied the base with my fingers, I reach for my Morphe 35 Taupe palette. This palette absolutely rocks my socks. Morphe Cosmetics are only available online unless you feel like taking a quick jaunt to California, but their prices are SO affordable and the quality of the makeup and makeup brushes are easily just as good if not better than some higher end makeup that cost $30-$40 more. This palette has 35 eyeshadows and costs around $20, which to me is such a bargain. They have so many eyeshadow palettes to choose from depending on your style and everything is so reasonably priced that paying for shipping never seems like a hassle. I use any combination of these mauvey shades and I always love the outcome.


Then I use my Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eyeliner in Espresso, a deep brown shade that I find more flattering than stark black. I find that fairer skin tones and lighter hair colors work best with brown/dark brown shades of eyeliner than black, but I always say, you use what works best for you and what makes you feel beautiful. I apply the liner with a small angled brush and do a slight wing at the outer corners of my eyes, nothing too dramatic but enough to give my eyes a little more oomph. I love, love, LOVE a winged liner. I’ve practiced enough that I can apply a wing in no time but it definitely takes practice and patience! Another future post will focus on eyeliner tips and tricks that have made it SO much easier for me. Stay tuned!



I then apply whatever mascara I’m loving at the moment because it changes weekly and I am loyal to no brand. Sorry not sorry! This one is the mascara of the moment, because Rimmel mascaras usually work well for me and I love a fat, bushy mascara brush. I feel that it does the work quickly and gives me thick, fluffy lashes with minimal effort. I then apply a dark brown liner to my lower lash line, again nothing too fancy but just enough to define the eye without looking too smoky. This Jordana eyeliner lasts allllll day and cost me TWO DOLLARS. Um, yes please. I find Jordana at Kmart and they have a rainbow of colors to choose from sooo what are you waiting for?


Back to the face! I sweep some bronzer around my face because I find that bringing color to the temples, forehead, chin and nose makes your face look so much more alive and radiant. I use Tarte Amazonian Clay Matte Bronzer because it is water and sweat proof, which is just begging to be used in Missouri humidity, and the shade is so natural without being too red or orange. It is the most expensive thing I use on my face as it costs about $30 dollars, but I recommend this particular bronzer to anyone who can’t find the right shade for their skin tone. It’s neutral enough to work on many different people and it’s nearly impossible to overdo.


Thennnnn, one of my favorite products: blush. Rouge, blush, blusher, whatever ya wanna call it, I LOVE IT. I love that it makes you look youthful and glowing with just one swipe on your cheeks. Milani’s Baked Blush in Luminoso is the world’s most universal shade. Peachy-pink, glowy without being glittery or shimmery, buttery smooth application: check, check, and check. Yes, PLEASE! I find Milani at Walgreens and Kmart and this blush set me back about $7 dollars.

And finally, the lips (clearly, this gloss is well loved). On a rushed morning when my dog is tearing at my heels and I needed to leave for work five minutes ago, I reach for gloss because it brings life to my face, pulls my face together, and moisturizes my lips. I love this brand of glosses by NYX because they are pigmented enough to color your lips without going overboard, they apply like a dream, they aren’t sticky at all, and my favorite part? They smell like a Funfetti cupcake. Why are you still sitting here reading this? GO buy one of these! You will not regret it.

So, there you have it! If this seems like a ton of work to you, I respect that. I plan to show you my five minute face in a future post that takes much less product and much less work. This is what takes minimal effort for me, and never lets me down even on a Monday. Because Mondays are the worst, amiright?

Thank you SO SO SO much for the outpouring of support and love when I introduced my blog to all of you. It means more than I could ever express and I’m still reeling from the number of you that shared the post, encouraged others to follow, and most of all, posted or texted kind words to me because I have never felt so loved and so motivated! Your words made me feel like I could take on the world, and I’m so incredibly thankful. On that note, I’ll see you next time ♥

With love and lashes,



5 thoughts on “My Every Day (depending on what time i wake up don’t judge me i really like sleep) Face!

    • Pick Of The Glitter says:

      Ahh thank you!! That means so much. And yes, you NEED the Morphe palette! I really cannot say enough good things about them, the pigmentation and quality are just incredible. All of their palettes I’ve tried have blown me away. Highly recommend!

      Liked by 1 person

    • Pick Of The Glitter says:

      Let me tell you, they are AMAZING. The pigmentation and quality are just as good as high end eyeshadows I’ve tried. And I love that you get 35 shadows for twenty bucks when you can’t even get that good of a deal at the drugstore. I HIGHLY recommend them!


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