The Lovely Blog Award


Wanna hear something crazy? This week I was nominated for the Lovely Blog Award by not one, but TWO fellow bloggers. To me, being nominated at all is a win. Finally having the courage to  put my blog out there is a win. Doing something that makes me happy is a WIN. I’m honored and excited and so thankful to Alice of Alice In Wonderland and Rachel of rachelmariiiebeauty for nominating my little glittery blog! Here are the rules of the Lovely Blog Award…

1. Thank the Person who nominated you and include a link to their blog.

2. List the rules and display the Award.

3. Add 7 facts about yourself.

4. Nominate 15 other Bloggers and comment on one of their recent posts to let them know they have been nominated.

So here goes my seven facts!

  1. My favorite TV shows of ALL time are Friends and The Office. People say I remind them of Phoebe Bouffay so often that I’ve started to wonder if I am secretly a quirky guitar player/massage therapist who wears rings on every finger and has a past straight out of 60 Minutes. If my current career doesn’t work out, I have that to fall back on.
  2. I LOVE the show Jeopardy, especially when I can watch it with my dad aka the most brilliant man alive. In fact, I love trivia of all kinds and get a liiittle too competitive when it comes to trivia games. My husband and friends can attest to the intensity of my trivia spirit.
  3. I live for creating, crafting, and writing in my own quirky fonts. I actually spent so too much time creatively addressing the envelopes for our save the dates that my mom politely insisted on printing pre-made labels for our wedding invitations. I believe she was worried they might be mailed two weeks after the wedding if I was in charge of the fonts. She’s always right.
  4. I never knew how much love my heart could hold until I became an aunt! I am an aunt to two perfectly handsome nephews and one perfectly adorable niece. I’ve never before experienced the emotions that I had when I held each of them for the first time! They make my heart bigger, my life better, and their adorable faces could cure any bad mood. It is physically IMPOSSIBLE for me to be sad around them, and I miss them every day that I’m not with them. How I feel with them makes me that much more excited to have kids of my own some day.
  5. I absolutely love peanut butter and would bathe in it daily were it socially acceptable.
  6. I used to hate coffee but now I cannot go a day without it! Iced coffee is my favorite but that’s more out of my irrational fear of hot drinks burning my tongue than my love of ice. I actually hate ice and prefer my drinks at room temperature…I hear that’s really disgusting to normal people.
  7. I absolutely LOVE Ke$ha and will always spell her name with the dollar sign because I got it tattooed on my body in honor of her. I know most people think of her a grungy party girl who needs an intervention and a shower. But I love her because she’s fierce, strange, and wildly independent. I love that she doesn’t care what people think of her and I love the way her music makes me want to dance and throw glitter in the air. If that’s a crime, so be it.

I’m so incredibly honored to be writing this post and so excited to nominated 15 other bloggers! And they are…

Nicola Brown

Lipstick Tech

Coffee With Thoughts

Lash-Eyed Beauty


Nicole’s Beauty Blog

Delightfullly Chaotic K

Sophie’s Beauty on a Budget


Her Love of Beauty

Diaries of a Lipstick Addict

Dorothea Beauty

Jess Leeman



Go check out their blogs and show them some love! I love that all that this blog has brought me so far, including being part of an online community that is so supportive of one another and so encouraging. This life is SO good.

With love and lashes,

Katie ♥

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