Matters of the hair.

The other day I went into Ulta to get a gift card and walked out with the gift card, eyeliner, and concealer. I only NEEDED one of those items but you don’t walk into Ulta and only come out with what you needed. You just don’t. I also walked out of there with the best impulse buy of my young life: the BlowPro Titanium Curling Wand, complete with heat protectant glove and three trial size styling products! I kind of accidentally ended up with this tool for way less than I should have due to a clearance price tag confusion, but the sales girl was incredibly kind and gave it to me for the extremely cheap price of $20. Yes, TWENTY DOLLARS. This retails for $120 originally, and somehow the beauty gods smiled upon me that day and I ended up paying a sixth of that. Yeah, I’m still in shock too.

001 002

The only problem is, I had no idea how to use a curling wand. It seemed easy, but every time I attempted to curl my hair with the wand it turned into a whole head of limp, shapeless curls. Curls is a generous term for what I ended up with, you guys. I was so discouraged because I wanted to love this dream purchase! I wanted to come home, try it for the first time and produce a head of Jennifer Aniston waves. I also wanted to come home, eat a salad and possess the body of Jennifer Aniston…but the hair is a much more attainable goal for me.

SO, I did some research on good ol’ YouTube, watched a million and one tutorials (including the one where the girl burned a chunk of hair…it really does NOT get old no matter how many times you watch it), and finally came across the one that changed my hair’s life. For instance, I never knew that you should keep your hair flat against the wand for the curl to turn out. I never knew that you should point the barrel down. I never knew anything until I saw this video.

Once I saw this video, my hair curling powers activated. I was so excited I just had to share it with you guys! Below I’ll show you the products I personally use and the curling wand that changed it all.




007 008

[It Haircare 12-in-1 Amazing Leave-In Treatment]

I got this little gem in my latest Ipsy bag and it was love at first spray. I have such tangly hair that every hair hairdresser I’ve ever been to takes my dripping wet hair out of its towel and nervously remarks on the way it forms one giant knot comprised of other smaller, more intricate knots. I tell each and every one of them that due to years of brushing and raking and detangling, I’ve lost all feeling in my scalp and they should hold nothing back when wielding their comb. I’ve always found that detangling serums and treatments weigh down my super fine, super thin hair and even though my hair ends up soft and de-knotted, it is also completely devoid of body. Until this one! This spray softens my knots, nourishes my scraggly ends, and feels like nothing in my hair! Ipsy bag for the WIN.


[Tresemme Max the Volume Root Lifting Cream]

This cream is new to me (as in I’ve only used it three times) but it’s already love. I personally wouldn’t call it a cream because it feels more like a cream mixed with a pomade. The texture kind of scared me at first because it’s thick and terrifyingly sticky. But I applied it sparingly to my roots and the rest of what was in my hand to the remainder of my hair, all the way down to the ends. I blow dried with a round brush, and WOW. This stuff gave my lifeless hair incredible volume and hold with NO stickiness! I don’t recommend putting this cream in on a day that you plan to air-dry your hair as I think the heat helps it melt into the hair and create soft volume instead of crunchy roots. This cream makes it so much easier to style because the style actually holds! Sometimes my hair is too soft and needs a bit more grab. This stuff is magic if you have hair that won’t hold any style or just needs a boost!



[BlowPro Textstyle Dry Texture Spray & Beach Blow Texturizing Mist]

These are two of the three products that came with the curling wand and I’ve tried both of them with awesome results! The dry texture spray is perfect for second (or third…or fourth) day hair that needs a little lift. It gives my hair beachy, messy texture that has volume from crown to root. The texturizing mist is everything I hoped the millions of beach sprays I’ve bought over the years would be. It creates the most perfect beach waves without stickiness. I repeat, WITHOUT stickiness. I’ve invested way too much money in sprays that promised Gisele Bundchen waves with a mere spritz and a fluff. More often than not, I ended up with dirty feeling hair matted to my scalp. Not hot. This spray does the opposite! Movement, life, lightweight waves…it’s Gisele’s hair in  a bottle.



[Tresemme Tres Two Hair Spray]

This hairspray is yet another reason I have faith in drugstore products! Tresemme is my favorite brand for hairsprays because the spray is so fine but the hold is incredible. It doesn’t feel like you just coated your hair in crunch but it holds like glue. If you want to brush through your hair later to refresh or restyle, it doesn’t leave any gunk behind! Also, it’s three dollars…I rest my case.


010  012


This is my first curling wand ever and I’m SO glad I went with this one. This BlowPro Titanium curling wand heats up to 410 degrees in less than a minute and has a tapered wand. i believe it’s a 1/2-1 inch wand, which is my second choice behind the 1 inch wand. I couldn’t pass up this deal so I’ve learned how to make the smaller barrel work for me. If I’m going for scrunchy, curly hair I simply wrap smaller sections around the wand and hold it there for a few extra seconds. If I want loose, voluminous waves, I wrap larger chunks of hair around the barrel and don’t hold it as long. Either way, the curls and waves last all day. I’m in love! This set comes with a heat protectant glove which may work for some, but for me I felt like I was attempting to do my hair with a club hand. I felt like I couldn’t work with my hair as well wearing the glove and I have yet to burn any finger tips on the wand (knock on wood…). I feel like you definitely don’t have to spend over a hundred dollars to get a good curling wand and I’ve heard excellent things about the Remington, Nume, and Conair curling wands. Once you know how to use a wand, it will change your life!

I also wanted to take a second to thank all of you for all your love and kind words on my last post! I was so unsure of how that post would come across and thought about not posting it at all. I am now SO glad I did! Thank you so much for leaving comments full of encouragement, of your own stories, and of incredible kindness. I put my heart out there and you guys gave nothing but love back. I am so grateful for that. I love you guys!

With love and lashes,

Katie ♥


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