October Favorites!



[Wet n Wild Megalast Lipsticks-Cherry Picking, Bare It All, Coral-ine, Rosebud, and Cherry Bomb]

These lipsticks don’t have my favorite formula, but what they lack in creaminess they more than make up for in staying power and color payoff. I recommend exfoliating prior to application with a sugar scrub if your lips tend to be super dry to dry, and following with a moisturizing lip balm. Once I apply the color, it doesn’t go ANYWHERE. I hardly have to reapply throughout the day and sometimes all I need  is a clear gloss or chapstick over the top to refresh the color. My favorite for day to day wear is the RoseBud shade, which I apply to lips lightly and then blot, so that it wears like the prettiest, rosiest stain.

078 079

[NYX High Voltage Lipstick-Rockstar and Free Spirit]

NYX High Voltage Lipstick is NOT messing around. These babies are pigmented to the extreme but go on so creamy and so dreamy. They have incredible staying power to the point where I have to scrub my lips to get the color off. I wore the red color on Halloween night and it didn’t budge or smudge the entire night. Color me impressed!


[Smith’s Minted Rose Lip Balm]

Smith’s Rosebud Lip Balm is a tried and true Sephora standby. I happen to love rose scented products and LOVE the texture of this balm because it isn’t greasy or sticky but perfectly moisturizing. Some mornings I use a nude-pink lip liner to fill in my entire lip area and top it with this balm for the perfect naturally pretty pout. This specific formula is the Minted version which only makes me love it more for the fresh feeling it gives my lips. It’s glossy and moisturizing and all around magic in a pot.



[Loreal Infallible 24-Hour Eyeshadow-Burst into Bloom, Glistening Garnet, and Amber Rush]

L’oreal Infallible eyeshadows are not for those who don’t like shimmer or shine…aka people I’m not friends with. KIDDING! I’m a friend to all, especially those who find fun in discussing the relative pros and cons of liquid eyeliner vs. gel eyeliners and the many wonders of the Beautyblender. How can one pink sponge change the whole makeup world and HOW did they get me to pay $20 bucks for it? I’m getting off topic but this really is a product I only recommend to those who want a pop of shimmer or a full on gleaming eyelid. I love the sheen of these shadows because they make your eyes glow without being full of chunky glitter…although I might love them even more if they did have glitter in them. Regardless, these retail for about eight bucks but feel much more expensive.


[ELF Baked Eyeshadows-Burnt Plum, Enchanted, Bronzed Beauty, and Toasted]

I recently went “shopping” in my makeup stash and dug up these ELF Baked shadows that I’d stuck in the black hole that is my eyeshadow drawer. I had never used any kind of moistening agent to bring these shadows to life and instead used them dry, which still produces the most gorgeous shimmery effect. But lately I hopped on the foiled eyeshadow wagon and decided to wet my brush with makeup setting spray and apply the baked shadow with the damp brush. WOW. The results were amazing! I can’t believe I haven’t been using these shadows all this time, especially applied wet! Seriously, for three dollars you just cannot go wrong.


[Sephora Colorful Shadown & Liner in 15 Purple (top) and 38 Downtown Girl (bottom)]

I’m a sucker for the color purple (not be confused with the novel of the same name…no offense, Alice Walker). My wedding colors were shades of purple, my toenails are currently painted purple, and Prince. Enough said. On a day to day basis, I love using chubby eyeliners on my bottom lash line because it’s a super quick way to create a smudgy look without having to concentrate on blending shadows to perfection which takes more time than I have in the mornings. I love how quickly I can run these soft, creamy pencils on my lower waterline and drag it slightly onto my bottom lid (are bottom eyelids a thing? Just go with me on this one) and end up with smoky, gorgeous color that lasts all day! These pencils apply smoothly and stay vibrant all day long despite the deluge of my perpetually watery eyes. The top pencil is a beautiful wine shade, the bottom one is brighter purple, and both are incredibly wearable.


[Hard Candy Shadowspheres Baked Eyeshadow Palette-Nudes n Roses]

Continuing in my most recent fascination with baked eyeshadows, I bought this Hard Candy baked eye palette on a whim because the top six colors scream KATIE. Literally, it screamed at me and jumped in my basket…or at least that’s what I told my husband. I use makeup setting spray or eye drops to moisten the eyeshadow brush and sweep the gloriously shimmering shades over my lid for the perfect fall berry smokey eye.


[NYX Gel Liner & Smudger-Deep Purple]

I’ve been searching for the perfect purple gel eyeliner and I think NYX just answered  most of my prayers. It’s not as richly pigmented as I’d like, but the color is bright enough to not be mistaken for a dusky grey or black liner which is a problem I’ve found with other plum liners. It’s a bright beautiful shade of eggplant that still remains wearable! I find that I do have to trace over the line once or twice to get the color to pop, but once I do it brings out the green in my eyes and wears all day!



[Hard Candy Fast & Fabulous Makeup Setting Spray]

I don’t actually use this Hard Candy finishing spray to set my makeup, because I really don’t see that much of a difference when I spray my finished face with this and when I don’t. But what I have been loving it for is a moistening agent for baked eyeshadows and highlighters. I spray a tiny bit in my hand, dip my eyeshadow brush in the liquid and use the damp brush to apply the eyeshadow. I recommend using a flat, synthetic brush to apply color with the spray because it will place the color exactly where you want it and if you use a blending brush that is too fluffy, you will end up diffusing the color too much and creating a mess. Using a flat brush keeps the color concentrated and applied smoothly! This spray makes the baked colors so saturated and shiny that I don’t know how I ever lived without this technique. I’ve heard that MAC Fix+ is the ultimate product for foiled and baked shadows, but for me this seven dollar spray does the job wonderfully.


[Urban Decay Naked Skin Weightless Complete Coverage Concealer-Light Warm]

I resisted trying this concealer for so long because it costs about six times as much as my foundation and about the same as a full tank of gas. But Jaclyn Hill, makeup goddess that she is, forced me to buy it! She actually said, Katie you have to buy this. That might have only happened in my head BUT every time she used this in her tutorials I was amazed by the coverage and the way it blended out so easily, and I knew I had to try it. It really is worth the hype! It’s pigmented but lightweight, and lasts all day with minimal undereye creasing, especially when set with powder. I’m almost out of my first tube and am scouring my collection to find a possible dupe. But this concealer might just be one of a kind. *sigh*


[Loreal Visible Lift Serum Foundation-151 Natural Beige

Almay Clear Complexion Foundation in 200 Buff]

I still love my Maybelline Fit Me! Matte + Poreless and always will, but lately I’ve taken to making foundation mixtures to suit whatever skin need I might have that day. When you have temperamental skin like mine, every day is a new skin adventure. One day it could be clear and glowing, the next it could be dull and covered in spots. For those days that my skin is dull and sad looking, I mix in some Loreal Visible Lift Serum foundation with a dollop of Maybelline, and it creates healthy looking skin instantly. This formula is technically for more mature skin types who need luminosity and moisture in their skin that might have been lost due to the super fun changes our bodies go through when we age. But I’m of the opinion that regardless of what age the product is directed at, use what makes you feel beautiful. The formula isn’t too mattifying or too greasy, and it creates a glow from within without looking sparkly or shimmery in any way. I would consider it to be medium coverage, but with a little concealer even my bad acne days look better with this foundation. It would truly look gorgeous no matter your age, AND it’s drugstore! It’s a win-win. My other drugstore foundation favorite is for those days when I don’t want to leave the house without a full coverage face. Almay Clear Complexion Blemish Healing foundation is formulated with salicylic acid “to help clear and prevent acne blemishes while it conceals, so your complexion looks beautiful, shine-free and even all day.” I tend not to believe makeup companies when they claim that a foundation can make your skin better, but then again I haven’t tried them all! I don’t use this foundation for it’s acne fighting ingredients, even though that’s a perk if they truly work. I use this foundation mixed with my staple Fit Me! foundation and find that it creates a flawless but natural looking base, not cakey or dry at all. If you want a full coverage foundation that possibly, maybe, perhaps fights blemishes, then this one is gold.


[ELF Hydrating Under Eye Primer]

Lately I’ve been having issues with my concealer looking crepey and dry on my undereye are even after moisturizing. With dark circles like mine, I cannot possibly leave the house without copious amounts of undereye coverage so skipping that step is not an option. I know Smashbox makes a hydrating under eye priming product but I wasn’t willing to spend $29 on something that I could possibly find for cheaper. Enter the ELF Hydrating Under Eye Primer! It creates a smooth, moisturized base for my concealer without being too greasy. Some eye creams can be too oily which breaks up your concealer’s pigmentation and looks just as unappealing as a dry under eye. This product is THREE DOLLARS and changed the way I apply my makeup. I no longer come home at lunch to find concealer settled into my smile lines! I also recommend this to anyone who finds that their undereye concealer doesn’t last all day or goes on patchy. Did I mention it was three dollars?


[L’Oreal True Match Super Blendable Powder-Sable and Cappuccino]

The texture of these powders are incredibly soft, silky and, as the  name suggests, incredibly blendable. I use the shade Sable as a bronzer around my temples and forehead and the shade Cappuccino as a cheekbone contour shade because they blend out to perfection and look beautifully skin-like. These shades aren’t sold as bronzer or contour colors, but if you find a face powder formula that you like, it’s a good idea to buy darker colors to serve those purposes. Especially with a range such as True Match because they have a color to serve every skin shade and undertone!


[ELF Essential Shimmer Blush-Gold and Glow]

I mentioned these blushes on my Instagram because they are so beautiful and ONE DOLLAR EACH. ONE DOLLAR, you guys. I don’t use them for blush but more as highlighters for the cheekbones or blush toppers. They are pretty shimmery so if you stay away from shiny cheeks, you’ll want to stay away from these as well. But if you love a glow, you’ll want to rush to your nearest Target  and snatch these babies up! I have all five shades of this blush because five dollars for five blushes was a no brainer. These two shades are my favorite, with each one having multiple uses. I use the left shade,  Gold, as a cheek highlight, eyeshadow base, and browbone highlight, while peachy-pink Glow is gorgeous overtop a matte blush or placed on the highest point of the cheekbones.


[Milani Baked Blush-Rose D’Oro, Luminoso, Berry Amore, and Dolce Pink]

I LOVE THESE BLUSHES. Three of the four shades are laced with shimmer but aren’t overly glittery if you might be wary of that. The fourth shade (second from left) Luminoso is shimmer free but somehow creates the most gorgeous, peachy pink glow from within. Luminoso happens to be a favorite of numerous beauty bloggers who typically buy or use mostly high end products, because it’s that beautiful! I bought these blushes for about $7 each from CVS, and I know Walgreens and Kmart carry the Milani line as well. Everything I’ve tried from Milani has been amazing quality for drugstore prices. Luminoso and Rose d’Oro are my go-to shades and compliment any makeup look. Highly recommend!




082 083

These brushes came as part of the Sculpt and Blend Pt. 2 set from BH Cosmetics, and they have now taken over my daily brush rotation! The brush set is SO reasonably priced at $19 for ten brushes. These three brushes above are my most used of the bunch: the largest one I use for powder and bronzer, the middle one for undereye setting powder, and the last one for cheekbone contour. They are soft, durable, and make blending your face makeup so much easier. BH Cosmetics is a brand I only find online, but they have drugstore prices for quality makeup. Plus, who doesn’t love a little online shopping?


I bought these Morphe brushes through a Hautelook sale (thanks, Amber! ♥) and use them every single day to blend my eyeshadow. These are the types of blending brushes that make me wonder how I ever did makeup without them. And then I look at old pictures and realize that I did okay without them…if the word “okay” means choppy and uneven and overall displeasing to the eye. If you find that you have a hard time blending in your crease or blending in general, do yourself a favor and check out these brushes! Morphe is the same brand of the super inexpensive palette I mentioned in my first makeup post and not only do they make quality eyeshadows, they make top notch brushes as well. The M330, a synthetic hair blending brush, is shown on the top and the M200, a natural hair brush, is shown on the bottom. They are essentially interchangeable but having multiple blending brushes can only help your makeup because blending is key!

With love and lashes,

Katie ♥

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