Ipsy, my love.

Thanks to my friend Erica at work, aka the kindest, sweetest, most pure-hearted being I’ve ever met, my life was made better because she introduced me to the greatest invention of all time: Ipsy. The beauty subscription service almost seems to good to be true! Ten dollars a month for five beauty products, all housed in a different makeup bag each month. Some products are sample sized, some are full sized, but all are delivered to you based on a series of questions that determine your beauty style and preferences. If you’re like me and you just want ALL THE THINGS, go ahead and select every category but if you’re more classic, vintage, natural, etc., they have that option for you to select so you receive the perfect products for your style. You can always  go back and edit your selections as your style changes or you want to try new things! Here I’ll show you the last two Ipsy bags I’ve received, and what I’ve loved from each of them.




[The Bag]

Ah, this bag. Gold, shiny, and pretty. If you know me, I don’t need to say any more. If you don’t know me, I’m still not going to say any more. Instead, let’s all stare at this bag together and be mesmerized by its beauty. *sigh*


[It Haircare 12-in-One Amazing Leave-In Treatment]

I mentioned this product in my curling wand post and still use it every time I wash my hair…which is becoming less and less these days (still on the hunt for a great, affordable, non-sticky dry shampoo-recommendations are welcome!). I use this mainly as a detangling spray since my super fine hair doesn’t have trouble achieving softness, but does succeed in creating knots on knots on knots. It’s lightweight, smells amazing, and makes my post-shower hair brushing fight so much easier. Eight year old Katie SO wishes this would have entered her life sooner as it would have cut down on the nights spent crying as the brush was raked across my raw scalp just to be tangle free. Don’t worry guys, I’ve since lost all feeling in my head and no longer cry when I see a comb!



[Mica Beauty Cosmetics Cream Eyeshadow in Bronze]

I LOVE Mica Beauty Cosmetics because they sell my favorite cosmetic glitters in every color you could imagine. I wore two of their purple glitters on my wedding day because they look awesome but wear so comfortably on your eyelids! Not that it would have stopped me from wearing glitter on my wedding day if it was uncomfortable, but props to Mica Beauty for making my dream product! I love cream eyeshadows and don’t do my makeup a single day without first laying down a cream base on my lids. I typically use Maybelline Color Tattoos or ELF Smudge Pots, but this cream shadow has earned a top spot in my makeup rotation. It’s texture is a little drier than that of the ELF cream shadows, but once you warm the surface of the cream with your finger it becomes much easier to apply and blend. The shade is a beautiful true gold-bronze and looks amazing no matter what you apply on top of it. Oh, and it stays all day without fading or creasing. Don’t mind me while I invest all of my money in Mica Beauty Cosmetics.


[Leanni Eco Go Away Gloomy Day]

I’m not going to lie, I have no idea what this product is. It’s runny in texture and smells…well, organic. The vague directions say to apply this to your skin after toner and before moisturizer, but I don’t know if I would classify it as a serum. As any 21st century problem solver would do, I took to Google to find out more about this product. Sadly, I found nothing except others like myself who were mystified by this product and apprehensive to use it since there are no reviews on it’s effects, negative or positive! Points for being vegan and gluten free but…what are you?



[TheBalm Cosmetic Meet Matt(e) Hughes Liquid Lipstick in Committed]

Everything I’ve tried from TheBalm, I’ve loved. If you lust after a glow like I do, their Mary Lou-Manizer highlighter is a must! I’ve heard and read excellent things about these long-wearing liquid lipsticks but I’m more of a gloss girl myself. It started with Bonne Bell Lip Shimmer in Vanilla Frosting when I was 8 and I haven’t looked back since. But this color is so beautiful and SO longlasting that this might find a permanent place in my purse. The lipstick has a slightly off-putting and strong minty vanilla smell, but if a product feels or looks as gorgeous as this does I’m able to look past such things!



[Girlactik Precise Eyeliner Marker in Black noir]

I typically go for deep brown liners on a daily basis as opposed to black, simply because my fair skin and blonde hair look a little softer in mahogany shades rather than stark black. But when I want to go dramatic with my makeup, black is the only way to go. And this eyeliner is the ultimate opaque black liner pen with the perfect fine tip! I always struggled with liquid eyeliner because I never felt like I had great control over the line I was drawing, but the tip of this pen is stiff enough to draw a steady line while being flexible enough to trace the contours of your eye. I’ve heard great things about this brand, especially their bronzers and lip products, but never felt the urge to purchase anything from them. Which is weird because it usually doesn’t take much for me to feel the urge to buy anything makeup related. Maybe I was ill when I decided that? That’s why I love the idea of Ipsy: because it introduces you to brands that you’ve never heard of or tried, and you can test the quality of the line firsthand. Genius!




[The Bag]

To be completely honest, I never jumped on the galaxy trend but in true Katie fashion,  I plan to spend a little quality time with my bedazzler and jazz this bag up. If all else fails, the Ipsy bags are usually great for storing bobby pins, tampons, pens, what have you because they are the perfect size for your purse!


[Tucker Ashley Perfecting Moisturizer]

My skin is super temperamental and prone to breakouts, so trying out a new moisturizer usually includes lots of prayers and constant mirror checking to make sure my skin is playing nice. My skin does best with a tiny bit of moisture–enough to keep my skin from producing extra oil to compensate for “lack of moisture” (pretty sure my skin hasn’t lacked moisture since my teenage years) but not so much that I become greasy and blemish-y. I haven’t tried this moisturizer yet but the ingredients don’t look too heavy and I miiiiight experiment with it. Or at least find another use for it because I hate to see products go to waste!

004 005

[Smashbox Full Exposure Mascara in jet black]

Obviously this mascara rocks as does everything Smashbox makes. I love a fat mascara brush for my sad, wimpy lashes and this one does not disappoint. I don’t know that I will rush to buy the full size tube once I run out simply because mascara is one of those products I avoid spending too much money on, but I definitely recommend this to anyone who has the budget to buy higher end mascaras!

006  008

[Beaute Basics Eye Crayon in Sahara Gold]

This jumbo shadow pencil is beautiful and creamy, and the shade is a lovely pale gold. The thing I love about the shade is that it comes across as an elegant ivory gold as opposed to a strong yellow gold, because non-yellow golds are hard to find at drugstore prices. Most golds come across too yellow, orange, or bronze, but this one is just light enough to place in the waterline to make my eyes look more awake and use as a base for any shadow look.  I can’t speak to it’s lasting power as I haven’t worn it all day yet, but I will update as soon as I know more!



[Crown Brush Deluxe Pointed Crease Brush]

I’ve heard awesome things about Crown brushes and I love the shape of this particular one. It’s the perfect crease blending brush: not so big  that your shadow gets everywhere but not so small so that blending takes forever. The only thing I’m iffy about is the fact that it doesn’t exactly feel soft, and some of the bristles even feel slightly scratchy. But it’s not enough of a problem to stop me from using it and I firmly believe you can’t ever have too many blending brushes in your collection!

011 012

[Jesse’s Girl Eye Shadow Primer]

I’ve seen Kathleen Lights use this primer and I’m of the opinion that almost everyone could benefit from priming the eye prior to eyeshadow application, so I was excited to try this. It didn’t disappoint! It comes out of the tube slightly pinkish but blends away to a colorless layer that makes your shadows more vibrant and longlasting. Again, I don’t know that I will rush out to replace this once I run out since I have a plethora of cream shadow bases I use for the same purpose, but it’s definitely a worthwhile product if you have trouble keeping your eyeshadows in place all day.

With love and lashes,

Katie ♥


One thought on “Ipsy, my love.

  1. Erica Cox says:

    Katie, thank you for that sweet compliment! But, being around you brings out the positive. You are such a light in this dark, dark world. I love how bold you are, and how much love you put into everything you do. You’ve got mad writing skillz, gurl! LOVE YOUR BLOG! You ROCK!!!


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