ATTENTION! Opinions wanted :)

A few questions for you guys! Input requested and MUCH appreciated ❤ honesty is the best policy here even if you think it will make me cry. This is not a test. It’s really okay. You can comment here, direct message me on FB or Instagram if you follow me, text me, fax me, send a carrier pigeon, e-mail me, write me a letter, etc. Just please don’t call me. Just don’t. #introvertprobs #isthistextable #always

  1. Would you guys be interested in seeing videos of me applying products? They would be very much me doing what I can with what I have as far as lighting, camera, etc. Not promising any Jaclyn Hill level vids here.
  2. I’ve toyed with the idea of creating a Facebook page to announce new posts, take polls, post videos, etc. Would you guys be interested in being a part of a page like that or would it be another page to clog up your FB notifications? Be honest.
  3. What is more interesting to you as readers/viewers:
    1. Reviews
    2. Tutorials
    3. Makeup basics
    4. New product launches
    5. Favorites
    6. Other:
  4. Conversely, what is less interesting to you?
    1. Reviews
    2. Tutorials
    3. Makeup basics
    4. New product launches
    5. Favorites
    6. Other:

Anything else you would like to address or add, please let me know that too 🙂



Thanks guys! Please feel free to ask me any questions, comments, concerns, etc!

With love and lashes,

Katie ♥


2 thoughts on “ATTENTION! Opinions wanted :)

  1. Nicole Walker says:

    Hi Katie! To answer your questions:
    1. Yes! I read your review on the Milk Blur and I bought it but I don’t really know how to use it. I wiped it across my T-Zone. Not sure if that is right or not.
    2. Yes! I’m always on Facebook so I would see your posts and any notifications quicker than anywhere else probably.
    3. Reviews and Tutorials
    4. Less interesting is new product launches. I want to know if you’ve used it and if you like it. 🙂

    Loving the blog!

    Liked by 1 person

    • Pick Of The Glitter says:

      THANK YOU FOR THE INPUT! Seriously, this helps me so much. I am so excited you bought the Milk Blur stick! I pretty much do the same application and rub it into my skin if I feel like it needs more absorbing. I also go over my cheeks because those pores be cray. I agree about the new product launches–I check the reviews on anything I buy BEFORE I buy it. I am truly my father’s daughter haha! Reviews and swatches help so much more than just announcing it.


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