New Monthly Series: Pick of the Litter!

INTRODUCING…Pick of the Litter! Aka my version of a favorites post aka my new monthly series aka an excuse to display the utter adorableness of my corgi Fallon. If you are an avid YouTube beauty guru watcher like myself, you know that monthly favorites videos are basically a requirement for a good beauty channel. I especially love them because talking about products you love and want others to try is kinda my jam. I decided to bring this idea to my blog and also use my dog as a spokesmodel because he is a perfect angel and I will not rest until everyone in the world agrees with me. I do have to make a disclaimer that I may not upload a Pick of the Litter post every single month if I feel like I don’t have enough favorites and/or have tried enough things to have a post worth reading. That said…here is the first installment of Pick of the Glitter’s Pick of the Litter for November 2017 ♥

Sydney Grace Co. (formerly Feather River Body and Boutique) cream eyeshadows


There are a few brands I talk about quite a bit, and this is one of them. If you follow me on Instagram, you already know. They recently changed their name from Feather River Body Boutique (named after a river in their town) to Sydney Grace Co. which is a combination of their daughters’ first and middle names. I LOVE their new name and love the personal touch they have with their brand. I’ve truly and honestly liked or loved everything I’ve tried from this brand, but these might just take the cake. If you’re not used to working with cream eyeshadows these might have a bit of a learning curve for you, especially because these are SO pigmented. A little bit goes such a long way! Use the tiniest, tiniest amount and build up from there. Because a little bit is all you need the tube will last you literal years. They don’t apply sheer or streaky and once they dry, they’re ON. I have hooded eyes so I don’t tend to reach for cream shadows because if they aren’t long lasting they will transfer onto my upper lid. I’ve never experienced that with these creams and I once wore the shade Boardwalk to an August wedding that was hot as actual hell. It stayed in place beautifully with nary a smear. Sign me up.

  • Boardwalk: blush rose gold pink
  • Spike It!: vibrant dirty mustard yellow gold
  • Deep Love: deep raspberry burgundy
  • Mistletoe: emerald green with gold shift
  • Sugar Plum Fairy: reddened purple
  • Superhero: reddish orange
  • Walk on the Wild Side: deep reddish bronze


[Mistletoe, Sugar Plum Fairy, Walk on the Wild Side, Boardwalk, The Deep Love, Superhero, Spike It!]

Urban Decay Moondust palette


Sephora started this wonderful, wonderful thing called Weekly Wows where each Thursday begins a new week-long sale with products up to 50% off. Before this, I frequented Ulta more than Sephora because as a baller on a budget, I appreciated that Ulta has sales all the time. Not even kidding, there is ALWAYS some kind of sale or promotion going on there. Now with the Weekly Wows, the local Sephora staff has begun to call me by name and remember various facts about my life because I can’t stay away. I picked this up during a Weekly Wow even though the reviews weren’t just out of this world amazing. I AM SO GLAD I IGNORED THE REVIEWS THIS TIME. Even though it swatches horribly, I absolutely love this palette. I reach for it much more than I ever thought that I would! If you’re not used to working with glitter or glitter shadows, you may need to invest some quality time into this palette and never use it without a glitter glue or tacky base. But once you get the hang of it, these glitter shades bring even the most boring base shadow to life! I love to use it in conjunction with the next product, which is…

ELF Transforming Glitter Gel

[swatches left to right: Twinkle Pink, Turquoise Twilight, Golden Glitz, Gilded Bronze]

I originally bought this product in one shade when it launched and when the next paycheck rolled around I immediately purchased the rest of the colors. These are so cool! ELF has been killing it as of late and I am so excited to see what else they come out with! I feel like brands have tried to make products like this before but something was never quite right: too greasy, never dried, slipped and smeared around, too much work for not enough payoff, too gritty. And then THESE came along. They are truly goof proof and workable, and leave the most beautiful glittery sheen behind without being sticky or clumpy. And with NO glitter fallout! These can be applied anywhere on the face as a transforming glitter topcoat, although I will say I’ve tried them over lipstick and while it looks cool for an Instagram picture I can’t imagine wearing them for long periods of time would be comfortable or flattering. But over eyeshadow? YES. As a base for highlight? YES. In my morning coffee? YES. Just kidding. But really, I do recommend these and for 4 bucks, they are an absolute steal if you’re into glitter. Bonus: these provide a really excellent base for shiny/foiled/metallic eyeshadows and make them pop even more! I use them with my UD Moondust palette and I am a changed woman.

Twinkle Pink over powder shadows, liquid lipsticks, and cream shadow sticks




Turquoise Twilight over powder shadows, liquid lipsticks, and cream shadow sticks




Gilded Bronze over powder shadows



NYX Precision Brow Pencil

Eyebrows stress me out. Apparently a vital part of being an adult woman is caring about your brows and/or taking the necessary steps to make them look “fleek” and literally no one warned me about this. I’ve tried every cream, pomade, gel, pencil, and powder, and this is the first thing that has actually made me feel like yes, I CAN conquer my brows. I bought it on a whim after testing it at Ulta and if they discontinue this I will cry. I generally stick to filling in the outer half of my brows where the hairs are sparse and sad while leaving the front of the brow virtually untouched. I don’t like a brow that looks too “done” so I try to fill in where I need it and leave the rest alone.

Becca Prosecco Pop highlighter

I got this highlight as part of my monthly Boxycharm and I was SO excited because even though I’m no stranger to splurging on makeup, 38 dollars for one single pan highlight always felt a little steep to me. I get that the formula is great, gets rave reviews and Becca never claimed to be an affordable brand but jeez, almost forty bucks for one highlight? I can justify buying pretty much anything makeup related (seriously, try me) but I have only bought one Becca highlight in my life and promptly returned it because I couldn’t justify the price. Lo and behold! This landed in my hands through my beloved Boxycharm subscription ($20 for this and four other full size products) and it really is so stunning. It’s a bright, true gold that would flatter a lot of skin tones but may be too yellow on fair skin. It’s so soft, I want to crawl into this highlight and sleep in it. Some highlights can feel chunky and dense, almost like a foiled eyeshadow, but this one is thinner and more blendable. I used to love denser highlights but realized those really emphasize my skin texture in all the wrong ways. Can I sit here and say I’d spend 38 bucks on it? I don’t know. Is it in my everyday makeup bag? Yes. Take from that what you will.

Covergirl Clean Matte BB Cream [fair and light/medium]

This BB cream should really be classified as a light coverage foundation because the coverage is there, it lasts all day and it’s super long wearing. Most BB creams I’ve tried are more sheer and offer a natural glow as opposed to matte, all day wear like the Covergirl BB Cream. It’s the unsung gem of the drugstore! If you are more dry or combo skinned, this is not overly drying but if you may want to skip this if you prefer more dewy, moisturizing foundations.

ColourPop Pressed Powder Bronzer in Afternoon Delight

It wouldn’t be a favorites post of mine if I didn’t include something Colourpop. I swear I’m not a paid spokesperson for the brand even though I sound like one. I just REALLY dig their products! I hadn’t seen much about their pressed powder bronzers or blushes and I love to read reviews before I buy anything. ANYTHING. I am my father’s daughter. But this time I didn’t have a lot to go off of and bought them anyway, which is very not like me and it gave me anxiety. Thank the good lord my anxiety was alleviated when I swatched this for the first time. I absolutely love this bronzer for the shade, the soft and silky texture, and the blendability. I actually just ordered another shade because the texture is so soft and pretty and it feels like silk going on!

ColourPop Pressed Powder Blush in Barre Hopping [soft warm beige]

I’m forever on the hunt for my perfect blush color, and I think part of the thrill of makeup shopping is that the next thing I buy could be THE product I’ve been looking for, THE shade I’ve been wanting, THE thing to make me pretty. This might be the closest thing to that feeling I’ve had in a long time! It’s described as a warm beige but there’s definite hints of dusty pink in this blush and it’s the absolute perfect neutral blush to go with any look! It’s just like the bronzer in the way it goes on very smooth and the texture is very silky, if a little powdery. A little powder kick-up never bothers me but if it bothers you, that is something to note!

ColourPop No Filter concealer [Fair 5 and Light 20]

Another Colourpop product, I know. But this concealer is actually rave-worthy and I had my fair share of skepticism about it. It’s only 6 bucks and in my experience, for whatever reason, I feel like cheaper concealers never quite check all of the boxes for me but more expensive ones do. I will splurge on Tarte Shape Tape because even though the price is higher than my wallet and I would like, it does exactly what I need on areas that I’m self conscious about. This concealer is the closest thing I’ve found to Shape Tape and it’s almost FIVE times cheaper. It’s very creamy and blendable but offers really great coverage without being cakey. This concealer will probably appeal to a wider age range as well, because it is thinner and less drying than the Shape Tape and is less likely to enhance underye crepe-iness and lines.

Sonia Kashuk Domed Multi-Purpose brush

I don’t tend to spend a lot of money on makeup brushes because even though they are really are important to a seamless makeup application, I think a lot of brushes are overpriced and I’d rather put my hard earned coin toward a new eyeshadow palette. Makeup brushes are an investment in your makeup looking good but I do what I can with what I have! I also would rather buy a brush set to get better value for my money instead of spending near $20 on one single brush. However, I make exceptions sometimes because these are my rules and I can. This is one of the more expensive brushes I own and it clocks in at eighteen bucks. I love the shape of it and the dense but soft bristles. It blends blush perfectly and never leaves me streaky! I’ve washed it a good few hundred times and it hasn’t shed yet. Sonia Kashuk can be found at Target and is on the pricier side of drugstore makeup. Her brushes are some of the best at the drugstore and I have yet to buy one that disappoints me.

Morphe M433 brush as a dupe for the MAC 217 brush (conveniently sold at Ulta now!)

As I said before, I’m not the type to invest in quality brushes even though I know that I should. ENTER MORPHE. People on the internet have lots of thoughts and feelings about Morphe, but if a company is selling decent brushes at incredibly affordable prices, I am willing to look past all the other stuff. I have seen beauty YouTubers use MAC brushes for years but I was never willing to take the plunge and spend that much on one eye brush. Luckily for me, this Morphe brush is almost an exact dupe! The MAC version will cost you about $25 but the Morphe M433 is only 6 bucks. If you live near an Ulta, chances are they sell this brush in store along with a selection of palettes and other brushes.


With love and lashes,

Katie ♥


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