December Boxycharm

I’m not gonna lie you guys. I was not just BLOWN AWAY by this month’s box, and usually there is at least one standout product for me in each box. Much like blind dates, they can’t all be winners. However, I will take one less than stellar box and 11 other incredible boxes throughout the year if it means I’m spending twenty bucks a month on products that cost a whole lot more.


December 2017


Tarte Tarteist Lash Paint

I don’t love this mascara on its own but it’s a great layering mascara because the spiky bristles are great at separating the lashes! I am more fond of the voluminous and fluffy lash, and a few clumps never bother me, which is why Too Faced Better Than Sex is my absolute Holy Grail mascara. It’s a drier formula but builds volume, and this mascara is more apt to defining and separating the lashes. I will definitely be using this in conjunction with my favorite mascaras (Too Faced BTS and Kokie Length and Volume mascara, super cheap and found at Walmart!) but probably not on it’s own.

Pretty Vulgar My Lips are Sealed Liquid Lipstick in Secret Sabotage

I never quite hopped on the metallic lipstick trend. I tried, but I don’t…get it. I think it looks 90’s style frosty in the most unflattering way. But some people get down with that and I’m not here to judge. So I can’t say I’ll be getting much use out of this, but how pretty is this packaging?!

RealHer Be Fearless, Be Limitless Blush Kit

The shades in this blush palette are louder than I would normally reach for but the good thing is, they are not overly pigmented so you can build them to your desired intensity. They have a soft but sheer feel to them so you would have to work to make them opaque, but I think a buildable face product is so much easier than picking up a ton of pigment in one swipe and ending up with clown cheeks. I don’t absolutely love baked formulas for the face but I do love baked eyeshadows, so I’m not sure how much I will be reaching for this.

Beaute Basics Bronze Essentials Bronzer

This is probably the standout product for me, if I had to pick one! It’s a little too warm for me to use as a bronzer in the winter, but I have actually been using this as an eyeshadow and it’s stunning. It has some strips of shimmer but it’s not overly loud or obnoxious shimmer and I can see this being a beautiful way to enhance a summer tan!

Crown Brush Deluxe Blush Brush


I have so many brushes, it’s honestly out of control. For someone who only applies makeup to her own face and doesn’t even apply makeup every single day, the size of my brush collection is unhealthy. It is one of the things I hoard and I get very defensive about it. One time my husband asked if I really NEEDED all the brushes I have and the look I gave him had him backing out of the room with his hands raised in surrender. It’s something I’m working on…or whatever people say when they know they have a problem and pretend like they are attempting to improve upon it. This brush is a welcome addition to my collection because it’s soft, easy to clean, and multi-functional. I love it for blending contour or under eye concealer, for setting small parts of my face with powder, and for sparingly applying bronzer/blush. I always love getting brushes in Boxycharm boxes because I get to expand my collection and it’s not even my fault. THE PEOPLE AT BOXYCHARM WANTED ME TO HAVE THIS.


with love and lashes,

Katie ♥

merry christmas!

p.s. I know my dog looks miserable but we cannot get a good picture of him, which is a shame because he’s so cute. I swear, despite what he might be trying to convey with his facial expression, he is well loved and we don’t force this on him often.

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