Boxycharm January 2018

The reason I love Boxycharm so much is because I get the chance to try products I would never think to try, colors I might never have picked on my own, and try brands that I can’t afford or can’t access as easily. I like reviewing each item I receive in Boxycharm on my blog because I get to share my thoughts on each product and there’s nothing more I LOVE than a good product review. I am a person who can’t purchase anything, ANYTHING, without researching and reading all the reviews I can find. And the fun part about subscription boxes is that you get to try 5 new products you didn’t have a say in choosing which means you might find a new color, formula or product you didn’t know you loved! The downside is, of course, that you might receive products, colors and formulas that you don’t like and will never come to like. I was pondering this today as I asked myself: have I ever loved a product so much from my Boxycharm that I repurchased it? And to be honest, I don’t know that I’ve actually used up any product that I’ve received because my collection is larger than I’d like to admit and I will probably never ever use an entire eyeshadow palette, as in 100% empty and not a drop left. I just can’t commit to one palette because I have too many and I like to play the eyeshadow field. Keep my options open, ya know?

All that to say: it made me want to add something to these monthly Boxycharm reviews in case you are reading a blurb about one of the products and want to know if it’s TRULY worth the money or the effort to purchase it. So, from now on, I’m adding two things:

  1. Would I repurchase this, if I were to run out? Or would I use it up and forget about it? If you can’t do your makeup without it, or it carved a place into your routine that cannot be replaced by anything else, then that’s a worthwhile product. If you use it until it’s empty and never think about it again, it was either a fun luxury that I didn’t really NEED, or it just never made that much of a impression on me and I have other products that do the job.
  2. Would I wholeheartedly (or majority-heartedly) recommend this to a friend? And yes, I make up words like majority-heartedly and I’d like to think you all know what I mean by that.

Girlactik Matte Lip Paint [Demure]

I’ve heard nothing but great things about the Girlactik Lip Paint formula so I was super excited to see how it fared on my dry lips! It’s one of those liquid lipstick formulas I could easily see myself wearing all day without that awkward crack-y and dry feeling. I’ve worn liquid lipsticks that looked beautiful at first, but ended up crumbling off onto my chin because they were so dry. This one is creamy and pigmented but never flaky, and for that reason I am definitely going to look into more colors! It’s a pricey product ($23) which is why I hesitate to recommend it, but if you are someone who rocks a lip color every day and needs something comfortable and long-lasting, this is an amazing option if you’re willing to spend. It’s a larger tube with more product than you would normally be getting with a liquid lipstick, but I would almost rather get less product and spend less per tube which is why I will definitely be checking out their miniature liquid lipsticks for $12 a pop! It’s a beautiful formula and if you are a lippie lover, it might be worth the splurge.

Would I repurchase?

Yes-but maybe two to three colors at most. At that price I don’t need the entire shade range!

Would I recommend?

Yes-if you are willing to spend the money and are a fan of liquid lipsticks.

Dr. Brandt Pores No More Luminizer Primer

Ahhh, primers. God’s gift to oily skinned girls and girls whose faces eat makeup, aka me on both accounts. I don’t have bad things to say about this primer but I’m not raving about it either. It’s not something I would reach for every day because on an average weekday where I need my makeup to last 12-14 hours, I’m usually reaching for a more mattifying primer as opposed to a luminizing one. But if you have drier or more combination skin, you might love this! Even though it says it is part of the Pores No More line from Dr. Brandt, I don’t find this to be that smoothing and/or pore filling. It feels nice going on the skin and it does add a tiny bit of glow, but considering how much this tube costs ($38), there are cheaper and better primers I would recommend.

Would I repurchase?

No. It’s a nice product I can see myself using in the winter time when my skin is more dull, but I don’t NEED it.

Would I recommend?

No. Again, it’s a nice product, but I don’t think it’s worth the price tag. There are better primers that I would recommend over this one!

Crown Brushes Glam Metals eyeshadow palette


This palette is not bad quality, but it’s not the best I’ve tried either. In truth the only shades I could see myself using and loving are Rebel and Rock On, which are admittedly beautiful shades. But I don’t know if they are worth keeping the entire palette when I have other shadows that I genuinely love and use every day. I would love to give this to someone who would get more use out of the colors because if these colors speak to you, the formula is pretty nice! They’re creamy and blendable and the shimmers are very metallic, especially when applied with your finger. The mattes are nothing to write home about but I am pretty picky about matte formulas and the metallics are what make this palette anyway!

Would I repurchase?

No. I have too many palettes as it is and I don’t see myself reaching for this often.

Would I recommend?

No. There are better quality eyeshadow palettes for the same price ($29.99)!

It Cosmetics Brow Power brow pencil



In the world of brow products, this one is mentioned quite a bit alongside Anastasia of Beverly Hills and Benefit’s brow lines. And it did live up to the hype! I found it incredibly easy to use, even for a brow noob like me who would literally rather be doing ANYTHING ELSE than her brows. I was skeptical about the universal shade but I can actually see this working on a lot of different skin tones/brow colors except maybe the lightest of the light brows and the darkest of the dark. The shape is super similar to my Holy Grail brow product, the Nyx Precision Brow Pencil, and the tip might seem intimidating but it actually creates brow hairs and definition easily and quickly.

Would I repurchase?

No, but only because I love my Nyx Precision Brow Pencil more-and it’s cheaper ($9.99)!

Would I recommend?

Yes, especially if you are having trouble finding a user friendly brow pencil and don’t mind spending the money ($24).

Pur Bronze & Brighten palette


This palette is BRIGHT and very, very shimmery. How pretty are these colors though? I absolutely love the highlighter, and that bronzer shade is just begging me to apply it to my eyes! But I cannot see myself using the bronzer or blush as part of my face routine on a daily basis and if I did, I would apply them with a VERY light hand.  If you love a glowy bronzer, you might love this because the formula is so soft and blendable. I tend to favor more pinky-nude blushes but I can see myself using this blush shade very sparingly in the summer to enhance a glow, and the bronzer is way too shimmery for my oily skin but as I said before, it would be stunning on the eyes. And who says you HAVE to use products as what they are marketed for? Unless you’re using mascara on your lips, which I did by accident when I was reaching into my purse for lip gloss in my very dark car and pulled out a similar feeling tube which turned out to be my mascara. It was not a pretty sight.

Would I repurchase?

No. The colors are gorgeous and I can see myself using these as eyeshadows, but I won’t be rushing to replace this if I ever run out!

Would I recommend?

No. Unless you love very sparkly bronzers and very bright blushes.


with love and lashes,

Katie ♥



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