My name is Katie, and I’m addicted to glitter.

Welcome to my blog! This is my happy place. Actually, Sephora is my happy place but this is a close second. I am so excited you’re here! If you accidentally came here looking for something else, that’s cool too. Feel free to stay a while:) If you like reading product reviews, hearing the ramblings of a makeup addict,  seeing makeup looks, experiencing the excitement of a drugstore dupe, feeling the high of a much wanted splurge, or just plain enjoy makeup, you’re in the right place! I adore beauty of all kinds, whether it’s natural, crazy, glittery, vampy…whatever you call your style, I’m for it. I love the confidence of wearing no makeup and owning it, and I also love expressing myself through makeup that doesn’t cover up my face but enhances the parts I like. If you feel the same, INTERNET HIGH FIVE. Let me introduce you to my favorite faces…

My husband, Jayme. My best friend and constant encourager. Married as of June 26th, 2015 and loving that I get to wake up to this face for the rest of my life. Speaking of waking up to faces I love…


This is our tri-color Pembroke Welsh corgi, Fallon Prince Donnelly. And yes, he is named after our beloved Jimmy Fallon:) He’s ornery and hilarious and sweet and cuddly and crazy all rolled into one dog. If you’ve met me even once, you know that I LOVE corgis. I feel giddy every day knowing that I get to call this little fur baby mine! We adore our little Fal Pal.

My family is my heart. I am blessed beyond measure to have parents like mine, siblings like mine, a sister-in-law and brother-in-law like mine, and the world’s most PERFECT nephews and niece. I am completely overwhelmed on a daily basis that I get to call them my family and my best friends too. They are my everything!

Every person you see above is the reason I even started this blog, because when your people believe you can do whatever your heart desires, you start to believe it a little bit too.

With love and Lashes,



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